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Open Auditions

When: July 15, 10a – 2p
Where: New Walk Church

“We appreciate your interest in New Walk Worship. We know that auditioning can be an intimidating experience, but don’t stress – we want you to be comfortable. You will audition individually and will be working with a very small group of team members. We look forward to meeting you and hope you have a great audition.” – Worship Team

Audition Songs: 

I Speak Jesus, Passion: Live from Camp EP – Watch on YouTube

Great Things, Phil Wickham

    Audition Tips:

    • Please be fully prepared for your audition, knowing your parts on all the required songs (above)
    • We are looking to know that you can learn your part from listening to a recording 
    • Don’t overplay – we don’t need you to shred, drum solo, or slap bass
    • Be able to receive direction/criticism, even if you don’t agree with the suggestion
    • Bring your instrument if applicable, and bring ear buds

    Auditions Begin in