New Walk Internship

Next Steps In Your Future.


Have you felt a calling on your life to pursue a future driven by an even greater purpose? Are you willing to devote 10-15 hours a week working within a ministry to develop skills, experience, and knowledge for your future? New Walk offers a 12-month Internship Program to encourage and equip Young Adults to build a foundation of faith, leadership skills, and life skills for future ministry and job opportunities. Please note, this is an unpaid internship opportunity.


NWC Internship Includes:

Leadership Development 

  • Weekly leadership/discipleship lessons 
  • Teachings by ministry directors and lead pastor
  • Leading From Your Strengths assessment and discussion
  • Book reading and discussion 
  • Trainings for personal development
  • Opportunities to lead while receiving coaching and feedback

    Spiritual Development

    • Serve the local church in the ministry area of your gifting
    • 1:1 Spiritual mentoring and accountability
    • Attend weekly worship services

        Professional Development

        • Meet weekly with ministry director 
        • Learn how to implement the vision of New Walk Church: Unleashing New Purpose in Every Life Through Jesus Christ
        • Gain exposure to best practices and methods in a large church setting
        • Learn and practice skills related to specific ministry
        • Participate in planning and executing tasks, teams, or events
        • Attend staff meetings, departmental gatherings, and leadership teachings
        • Build a marketable skill set with experience and develop a resume
        • Build relationships with interns and staff that will encourage, inspire, and empower your next steps

        At the end of our time together, we hope that every intern is equipped to lead and work in a local church or professional career. Time commitments are typically 12 months, 10-15 hours per week. Participation in New Walk’s Internship Program does not guarantee a job at New Walk Church or any other place of employment.

        Housing and income are not included in this internship program.

        Internship Opportunities

        Starting Fall 2023



        Ministry Exposure:  

        A First Impressions intern will learn the value of a first impression and ongoing hospitality. They will work with a variety of people and teams to create an environment that makes people feel welcome. They will learn and understand the importance of providing a welcoming atmosphere to people who visit a church or other business for the first time. They will work alongside the First Impressions team to develop and improve the experience for a new person who walks through our doors for their first few visits as they become a growing member of our church. The intern will generate creative ideas/projects that improve our current First Impressions, hospitality, and weekend experience to provide a dynamic and engaging environment. They will also utilize the environment to create spaces for spiritual growth through interactive elements in the hallway and throughout the building. They will work with all First Impressions teams to learn about leading, organizing, and scheduling volunteers to greet, direct, treat, and seat guests attending New Walk Church.

        Learning Experiences:

        • Hospitality

        • Leadership

        • Organizing teams

        • Recruiting right people

        • Training new and existing volunteers

        • Retaining and releasing volunteers

        • Administrative work

        • Project coordination

        • Creative design

        • Ministry assimilation

        • Budget management

        • Ministry planning

        Skills Needed:

        • Teamwork

        • Organized

        • Independently motivated

        • Seeks out learning opportunities

        • Big picture mentality

        • Willingness to work with a diverse variety of people

        • Facilitation of meetings, gatherings, celebrations

        • Hospitality Experience (restaurant, hotel, theme park, church/ministry, retail)

        • Desire to be part of a team that is on the front lines of growing an organization.


        Ministry Exposure:  

        This position’s primary exposure is in content creation for New Walk Church’s social media and sub-ministries. This position is for someone who has some experience with social media and content creation. The candidate would help us use social media to reach our community and beyond with the mission of New Walk and the Gospel. This intern will work under the Marketing Director to learn more about ministry, support our social media planning, content creation, and engagement.

        Learning Experiences:

        • Creating content to engage our community

        • Collaborate with marketing team to develop social media plan and content

        • Help create content that aligns with trends in social media

        • Capturing storytelling content such as images and video

        • Supporting our goals on platforms such as: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, …

        Skills Needed: 

        • Experience with creating content and the applications used in the creation process

        • Social Media Processes, Tools, and Platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.)


        Ministry Exposure:  

        Production works alongside all ministry departments by using technology to champion the vision of New Walk Church and ultimately further the Kingdom.  Work with a team of creatives from hearing a vision for an event or service, planning, creating elements and executing the production elements of the service or event. 

        Learning Experiences:

        • Audio
        • Video
        • Lighting Systems
        • Processes and procedures working with a creative team
        • Service planning and execution

        Skills Learned:

        • Audio, video, lighting systems
        • Working wit a team of creatives
        • Developing processes and procedures to create services and events
        • Generating an idea, developing, planning, and executing to completion

        Ministry Exposure:  

        Our goal for our K!DS internship is to provide a transformational learning experience that you’ll look back on with fond memories where you learned the basics of ministry, understood a K!DS ministry philosophy and learned how to work effectively with a team. 

        Learning Experiences:

        • Leading Kids’ Small Groups 
        • Prepping Curriculum 
        • Observing Child Dedications and Baptism Classes 
        • How to recruit, equip and encourage volunteers 
        • Create and run fun events for kids 

        Skills Learned:

        • Working with a team 
        • Leading a variety of ages on a team 
        • Designing purposeful events 
        • Developing trainings 

        Ministry Exposure:  

        This position’s primary exposure is to work closely with the Pastoral Care Director, New Walk staff and other residents to help lead and engage in different care needs within our church and community. Learn how to care for others spiritually, how to minister to a grieving family and assimilating prayer requests and needs.   You would gain insights and experiences in care ministries including hospital visits, outreach, Baptism, weddings and funerals.  

        Learning Experiences:

        • Participating in praying for individuals through Connect Cards and in person. 
        • Recruiting, equipping, and providing ongoing support for our volunteer leaders. 
        • Provide spiritual care to members of our church and community.  
        • Caring with respect and dignity, always modeling the love of Christ.  
        • Work closely with other care team members. 
        • Help with Prayer cards assimilation Sundays 8:30a – 2p.  
        • Assisting with YTH Pastoral Care as needed 
        • Attend hospital visits with Pastoral Care Team Director 
        • Observe Wedding Planning Meetings with families 
        • Observe Funeral Planning Meetings with families 

        Skills Learned:

        • Caring for others spiritually 
        • Meeting with people and creating services that meet needs of families going through difficult times 
        • Confidence in praying for others 

        Ministry Exposure:  

        Small Groups / Re|Equip Groups

        Learning Experiences:

        Learn and participate in…

        • …inspiring the overall Groups vision within leaders and participants
        • …semester promotion and launch
        • …managing weekly backend database for Group listings, Leaders, and participants
        • …creating and managing training days
        • …reviewing, developing, and implementing various types of Group curriculum
        • …gaining first-hand exposure to Re|Equip ministries (Celebrate Recovery, Re|Engage, GriefShare, Financial Peace, etc.) and understand their vital role in the life of the local church

        Skills Needed:

        • Previous involvement in small Groups

        • Love for the local church

        • Organized

        • Communicate clearly and effectively both in writing and in person

        • Ability to coordinate events, ministry programs, initiatives, etc.

        YTH INTERN

        Ministry Exposure:  

        YTH intern will be exposed to all areas of a student ministry which includes grades 6-12.  Learn how many departments work together to create services that connect with students.  Create evangelistic events to attract students that do not know about Jesus Christ. Develop discipleship opportunities for students to grow in their walk with Christ.  Invest in YTH leaders to equip and encourage them to serve students with their time and talents. 

        Learning Experiences:

        • Running small groups 
        • Writing small group material 
        • Leading leaders 
        • Managing a budget 
        • Organizing and planning events 
        • Learning to write and deliver a message 

        Skills Learned:

        • Developing relationships with students 
        • Developing relationships with volunteer leaders 
        • Developing curriculum to help someone grow/learn 
        • Leading a variety of personalities in a group setting 
        • Speech development and delivery 

        Ministry Exposure:  

        This position’s primary exposure is I worship arts for New Walk church weekend services, YTH student ministry and other campus events.  We see this position as someone who can not only help run band rehearsals, but communicate and help grow a team of musicians in skill, flow and bring unity to worship services.  This intern will work alongside the creative team to execute, plan and enhance the worship experience or help further communicate our church vision.  

        Learning Experiences:

        • Coordinate and co-lead worship experiences under the direction of the Worship Director on weekends and midweek 
        • Oversee YTH band rehearsals 
        • Assist in the planning and implementation of worship services 
        • Arrange songs, writing charts, some programming and musical direction in live worship settings 
        • Serve as a member of the creative team to plan, develop and execute weekly production 
        • Assist worship director in developing volunteers 

        Skills Learned:

        • Leading band rehearsals 
        • Arranging songs, writing charts and programing for worship services 
        • Working with creative team to plan and execute a service 
        • Recruiting and training musicians 

        *Skills needed for this position:

        • Strong musical skills 
        • Keyboard or guitar proficiency required 
        • Proficiency in Music Production software required (Ableton LIVE, ProTools, Logic Pro, etc) or willingness to learn 

        Ministry Exposure:  

        Our goal is to create and cultivate an inviting and comfortable environment within the church, not unlike their favorite coffee shop. The intern will work alongside the Cafe Manager to assist in carrying this out. They will gain experience in a cafe/food setting as well as some hospitality skills that are useful in both the Christian and secular arenas. The intern would be involved in creating menus, organization, keeping inventory and scheduling of team members.

        Learning Experiences:

        • Organizing teams

        • Creating product

        • Training volunteers

        • Creative design and execution

        • Product organization

        • Money management

        • Inventory

        Skills Needed:

        • No previous experience needed

        Internship Application

        expectations, requirements, and Process



        • Consider him/herself a co-worker and ministry owner at NWC, not someone who has special privileges
        • Live with the highest standards of integrity and conduct and have a great attitude.
        • Honor God and represent biblical values on public platforms and social media. 
        • Meet weekly with his/her ministry director to coordinate calendars and activities, address questions, give and receive evaluations of progress on tasks and projects. 
        • Gain leadership insights by overseeing and owning at least one ministry outlet. 
        • Participate in the life of the church as a whole, gaining valuable insight into the dynamics of church work.
        • Work a minimum of 10-15 hours per week at the church. 
        • Support New Walk through tithing. 
        • Read all assigned books and participate in assigned activities. 
        • Promote New Walk Church and events on social media platforms. 
        • Attend all required training events, church events, and ministry programs.  
        • Participate in a New Walk Group each semester. 


        • High School graduate – age 25
        • Attend weekly intern leadership & discipleship trainings 10AM-Noon every Wednesday
        • Attend and worship at one New Walk weekend experience time each weekend
        • Commit to 10-15 hours of training and serving per week. This includes:
          • 2 hours of leadership & discipleship training
          • Serving ministry and New Walk
          • Completing ministry tasks provided by ministry leader
          • Attending a New Walk Group
          • Involved with New Walk Young Adults Events

        Application Process Steps:

        1. Apply for Internship at newwalk.church
        2. Interview with Ministry Director and Internship Coordinator
        3. Notification, Acceptance, and Placement
        4. Review and Accept Internship Job Description
        5. Internship Trainings begin Wednesday, September 13 (10AM-Noon)

          Placed Interns will need to:

          • Complete Ministry Safe Training
          • Complete Background Check
          • Receive and Set Up New Walk Email
          • Take Photo for New Walk Website
          • Attend Bootcamp
          • Attend NewSteps