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Pivot Leadership Program

Unleashing New Purpose in Every Life Through Jesus Christ. This vision has defined more than 15 years of ministry for a group of believers who seek to help their community find greater purpose through Christ. The Pivot Leadership Program is just one aspect of that goal which is designed to help individuals identify their God-given purpose (or calling), develop a passion for that purpose, and pursue that purpose with the support of their Pivot mentors.

Pivot is a leadership development program that empowers students to pursue growth in three areas: personal growth, biblical knowledge, and leadership skills. Additionally, Pivot students may also be allowed the opportunity to participate in a hands-on residency program or internship that will lift their leadership knowledge and skills to new heights.

Over the course of this program (typically 1 to 3 years depending on path), the student will partner with a Pivot mentor whose goal is to pass along ministry experience and knowledge to the student as well as to help the student meet their progress goals and navigate through the course.

For more information, please contact Pivot@mynewwalk.com.

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Pivot Application Process and Calendar

Pivot Leadership Program Application Process:

Step 1: Apply for the Pivot Program below!

Step 2: Interview with Pivot Coordinator.

Step 3: Notification and acceptance into the program.

Step 4: Initial meeting with assigned mentor.

Step 5: Start learning!

Annual Calendar:

Q1 Semester Begins: January 1Applications due December 10

Q2 Semester Begins: April 1Applications due March 10

Q3 Semester Begins: July 1Applications due June 10

Q4 Semester Begins: October 1Applications due September 10


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