Celebrate Recovery

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Celebrate Recovery

At New Walk, we know God has a purpose for your life. The truth is, it can be difficult to find and fulfill that purpose when things are going well, let alone when past or current circumstances have us in a strangle-hold. Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from hurt, pain, or addiction of any kind.

Meeting Information

Mondays, 7 PM
Free childcare is provided.

Hey, I’m Adam!

I’ve been leading Celebrate Recovery since 2013, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve had some “stuff” in your life—things that haven’t gone according to plan, decisions you wish you could take back, or detours you wish you would’ve ignored. Here’s the good news: No matter how lost, hurt, or broken you feel, there is hope through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Celebrate Recovery can help you let go of whatever is holding you back—and help you move forward into that hope-filled future. I hope to see you Monday!

The Landing: Celebrate Recovery for Students

When teens are struggling to live in a healthy, God-honoring way, they can lose hope. The Landing is a year-long program for students based on the beatitudes—a section of scripture that details Jesus’ principles for happiness. Through deep exploration of this passage, students break the cycle of dysfunction, learning new tools to face whatever life throws at them.

A Typical Night at The Landing

  • Connect Time (15 minutes): Games and fun exercises designed to help students build relationships with one another and with group leaders.
  • Worship (15 minutes): An opportunity to connect with God—and rest in God.
  • Teaching (40 minutes): In an open group format, students engage in activities and discuss the current lesson, Biblical truths, and recovery principles.
  • Small Group (30 minutes): Students divide into groups by gender so they can process and personalize the recovery principles they’re learning in a smaller setting. 
  • Closing Time (5 minutes): Students read a prayer together and receive milestone markers to celebrate their journey through the program.
  • Fellowship Time (15 minutes): Students and leaders hang out together to continue building relationships and processing the lessons.

The Landing is a Safe Space

Talking about our struggles can feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, and it takes time to build trust. Please know we take confidentiality seriously: What’s shared in small group stays in small groups—and that means we won’t tell parents what their students are sharing during group. Parents will be asked to sign a consent form acknowledging that they understand and agree to our privacy policy.

Note: If a student expresses an intention to hurt themselves or someone else, their group leader will immediately notify one of the ministry leaders, who will then contact the student’s parent.