Welcome to New Walk YTH Student Ministry

Being a teen doesn’t have to be so tough.

The life of a tween or teen can be complicated. Our students are trying to figure out who they are—and the world’s all too quick to try to tell them. At New Walk, we help them find their identity in Christ, not in culture, so they mature into healthy young adults ready to fulfill their purpose.

YTH Services

Wednesdays, 6 PM
6th – 12th Grade

Our Core Values

Here’s what we teach students

Our students have a blast around here, but it’s not all fun and games! These five values guide every activity and program we offer:

We only need the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we put Christ first, everything else falls into place.

We partner with parents to make disciples. We’ll do everything we can to support your family as you grow spiritually—together.

Students are the now of the church. Students aren’t just the “future.” They can make meaningful contributions to the body of Christ today.

It’s possible to move the chains. Students can get trapped into thinking their mistakes define them. We teach them to let go of their past so they can move into Christ-honoring future.

It’s our job to disturb the city. Our students have a responsibility to put God’s radical love on display in our community.

Common Questions

What happens on Wednesdays?

Our students gather for a time of worship and teaching, and then we split off into smaller groups, divided by age and gender, for conversation and activities.

Can my student bring a friend, or do they have to belong to New Walk?

We encourage our students to bring their friends!

How do I know what my student’s learning each week?

We post our sermons every week, and you’re welcome to join our Parent Facebook Group.

I have a specific concern about my student. Can I talk to someone?

Absolutely! You can reach us on the contact page or through our Parent Facebook Group. Raising teenagers can be tricky, and we’re here to help!