New Walk Residency

Next Steps In Life.


Have you felt a calling on your life to pursue ministry as a full time profession? Are you willing to devote 15-20 hours a week working within a ministry to develop skills for future ministry job opportunities? New Walk offers 12 or 24 month Residency Programs.  The intention of this program is to encourage and equip kingdom workers for future work at a local church. Please note, this residency does not provide housing or income.


NWC Residency Includes:

Leadership Development 

  • Weekly leadership/discipleship lessons 
  • Teachings by ministry directors and lead pastor
  • Leading From Your Strengths assessment and discussion
  • Book reading and discussion 
  • Trainings for personal development
  • Opportunities to lead events with coaching and feedback


    Spiritual Development

    • Serve the local church in the ministry area of their gifting each week
    • Read through the Bible in a year
    • Spiritual mentoring and accountability
    • Attend weekly worship services

        Professional Development

        • Meet weekly with ministry director 
        • Learn how to implement the vision of New Walk Church: Unleashing New Purpose in Every Life Through Jesus Christ
        • Gain exposure to best practices and methods in a large church setting
        • Learn and practice skills related to specific ministry
        • Participate in planning and executing tasks, teams or events
        • Attend staff meetings, departmental gatherings and leadership teachings
        • Build a marketable skill set with experience and develop a resume
        • Build relationships with each other and staff that will encourage, inspire and empower

        At the end of our time together, we hope that every resident is equipped in an area of ministry to lead or work in a local church.

        Housing and income are not included in this residency program.

        Residency Programs

        Starting each Summer and Winter



        Ministry Exposure:  

        This position’s primary exposure is in creating content for New Walk Church’s social media and ministries. This position is for someone who is excited about dreaming up and creating engaging and purposeful content. This Resident will work under the Director of Communications and support the design and creation of content that tells stories, promotes events, and enhances the Church’s ability to reach, attract, connect, and elevate people in our community and church through New Walk Ministries and the Gospel.

        Learning Experiences:

        • Creating content for social media such as: graphics, photos, and video
        • Assisting with all aspects of social media marketing from planning to evaluation
        • Attending planning meetings to collaborate on the development of church-wide communications
        • Identifying trends in social media from which to create content 
        • Capturing storytelling content such as images and video
        • Scheduling content for social media campaigns 

        Skills and Experience Preferred for this Position: 

        • An Attitude to Learn and Serve
        • Graphic Design & Photo Editing Software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom) 
        • Photography/Videography (DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras)
        • Video Editing (e.g. Adobe Premiere Pro)
        • Social Media Posting/Engagement (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.)

        Ministry Exposure:  

        This position’s primary ministry exposure is to work closely with the Group’s Pastor, New Walk staff and Groups coaches to help lead and engage New Walk Church in a healthy and thriving Groups system that helps them Connect, Grow and Do Life Together.  You would gain insights and experiences on developing a Groups system, recruiting and training volunteers, maintaining the health of Groups and being  involved in the daily administration of New Walk Groups. 

        Learning Experiences:

        • Co-Lead or Lead a weekly Small Group with input, support and direction from Groups Director.
        • Assist with weekly/monthly Groups related reporting, data entry and data analysis.
        • Participate in planning and leading Group leader training days (3 times per year).
        • Participate in Groups promotion and Groups launch each semester (3 semesters per year).
        • Occasionally visit various Groups for encouragement, instruction, training and reporting.
        • Attend monthly Coaches Meeting (eventually leading certain portions).
        • Participate in writing weekly message-based Groups content.
        • Send regular communication with Groups Facilitators and Coaches.
        • Help recruit and onboard new Groups volunteers
        • Assist with minor setup/teardown for various Groups, meetings and trainings.

        Ministry Exposure:  

        This position’s primary ministry exposure is to work closely with the Director of First Impressions to help recruit, train and encourage volunteers on the First Impressions Team. Exposure will include learning best recruiting, training and organization practices within a large church setting and provide opportunities to innovate new systems and methods of helping people find new purpose in their lives through Jesus Christ. 

        Learning Experiences:

        • How to Recruit Volunteers
        • How to Systematicly Train Volunteers
          How to Oversee a schedule of 250 weekend Volunteers
        • How to Create a Dynamic Culture of Welcoming People
        • How to continuously Celebrate and Encourage Vounteers
        • Attend and Lead Volunteer Huddles
        • Planning and Dreaming of Outreach Events

        Skills and Experience Needed for this Position:

        • Detailed Oriented
        • Ability to Multitask
        • Computer Skills
        • Warm, Friendly Personality
        • Innovator

        Ministry Exposure:  

        The K!DS Worship Resident’s primary ministry exposure will be with elementary kids and parents, adult/teen praise team leaders, and fellow K!DS ministry staff and volunteers. In this role, the Resident will serve as a member of the K!DS leadership team and be a vital part of New Walk’s amazing K!DS program. Responsibilities will include planning worship experiences for kids, leading praise team members, and developing processes to build on our current program. There will also be opportunities to learn from New Walk’s main worship leaders and grow in overall knowledge and experience as a worship leader and worship experience planner.

        Learning Experiences:

        • Develop a rotating K!DS praise team leader schedule
        • Recruit & train K!DS praise team leaders (adults/teens)
        • Welcome & train elementary kids on the K!DS praise team
        • Choose weekly K!DS praise team songs for elementary services
        • Develop motions for the K!DS praise team to learn and lead
        • Research and implement songs to keep K!DS worship new and exciting
        • Manage K!DS praise team schedule throughout each weekend
        • Attend weekly K!DS leadership team meetings
        • Attend weekly Resident meetings & participate in studies/books as instructed
        • Assist/lead YA Events as requested
        • Learn how to implement the vision of New Walk Church
        • Attend adult worship service each weekend
        • Meet regularly with K!DS Ministry Director
        • Assist in K!DS ministry as available on weekends and with special events

        Skills and Experience Needed for this Position:

        • Commitment to leading and loving like Jesus
        • Passion for kids ministry
        • Experience in teaching/leading kids
        • Love for worship
        • History of participation with worship/praise team
        • Desire to learn and grow
        • Team player
        • Experience in putting motions to music (not required but is a plus)

        Ministry Exposure:  

        Residents will assist the Amped Ministry Staff at New Walk Church by organizing teams, recruiting and training volunteers, administrative work, preaching, leading worship, project coordination, ministry assimilation, creative design work, audio and production engineering, budget management, ministry evaluation and ministry planning.

        Learning Experiences:

        • Assist Ministry staff in planning and executing weekly ministry programming, weekend experiences, standalone events and meetings.
        • Meet weekly with NWC mentor/ministry leader for mentorship and ministry training/discussion as pre-arranged.
        • Communicate with and organize ministry volunteers as needed.
        • Attend required meetings as requested.
        • Preform general office/administrative tasks as needed.
        • Identify, recruit and hold training for volunteers.
        • Assist in the development of an annual departmental budget and manage spending to budget.
        • Establish a working rapport with each member of staff.
        • Develop and identify ministry team leaders who can work alongside you and who you can delegate responsibilities and tasks to with confidence.

        Skills and Experience Needed for this Position:

        • Love for teens
        • Heart for the gospel
        • Model the principles and disciplines of Christian life and stewardship.
        • Study, know and present means, methods and models of church strategy specific to Amped
        • Tithe to New Walk Church
        • Prepare yourself in advance for your best personal performance in every setting and situation required of you 

        Ministry Exposure:  

        Residents will assist the Amped Ministry staff at New Walk Church. Some activities can include: organizing teams, recruiting and training volunteers, administrative work, preaching, leading worship, project coordination, ministry assimilation, creative design work, audio and production engineering, budget management, ministry evaluation and ministry planning.

        Learning Experiences:

        • Build relationships with as man of the local schools we serve through Amped at possible.
        • Identify specific needs at local schools that can be met by Amped at New Walk. Specifically ZHS and Centennial Middle.
        • Plan, organize and execute a service project for all the teacher at each school that we serve once a year.
        • Develop a process with owners
        • Develop as a speaker/communicator.

        Skills and Experience Needed for this Position:

        • Love Teens
        • Have a Heart for Ministry
        • Willing to Learn and ask a lot of questions
        • Be prepared to serve as a kingdom worker
        • Tithe to NWC

        Residency Application

        process and calendar


        New Walk Church Process for Resident Application:

        Step 1:
        Apply for Residency at newwalk.church

        Step 2:
        Interview with Ministry Director and LAMP Resident Coordinator

        Step 3:
        Notification and Acceptance and Ministry Placement

        Step 4:
        Complete Background Check and Ministry Safe Training

        Winter Application Calendar:

        1. Apply – October
        2. Interview – November
        3. Notification – December
        4. Begin Residency – January

        Summer Application Calendar:

        1. Apply – April
        2. Interview – May
        3. Notification – June
        4. Begin Residency – July

        Residency Testimonials

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