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4-week devotional

Hey, New Walk! 

We are excited about the Ready for More series and what this means for you, our community, our church, and God’s Kingdom – both now and in the future! 
Our heart behind this Ready for More Devotional Guide (below) is to create an opportunity for you to spend time with God throughout this series, and well as provide opportunities to talk through the things you are learning with your friends and family as well. 
  • Each week’s devotion has a sections titled “Questions to Ponder.” These are for you to think through on your own, and possibly even discuss with your family, friends, Group, Serve Team, etc. 
  • There is also a section called “Questions for Family Discussion for parents to use for discussion with their younger children.
  • In addition, we invite you to review the Generosity Guide available as a download here and also available in hardcopy at our lobby display. 
We pray that over the next four weeks God reveals more of what He has in store for you. 

week one
Unusual Instructions

November 5-11 

Bible Reading: Joshua 6 

Questions to Ponder: 
  • Verses 1-11 describe the unusual instructions God gave to Joshua. Why do you think God chose such a strange plan for the people to follow? 
  • Verses 12-14 describe how they continued following the unusual instructions. Have you ever experienced a time where you had to follow God’s instructions even though you had not experienced any positive results yet? Describe what you were thinking and feeling. 
  • How might that relate to obedience to God’s instructions regarding finances? 
  • Verses 15-21 describe the events of the seventh day. Stop and think about that day. If you were there, what would you be thinking? How might those events effect your faith in God’s instructions? 
  • Verses 22-27 describe what happened to Rahab and her family. (You can read the first part of her story in Joshua chapter 2.) God rewarded her faith under difficult circumstances. How might God be preparing you for stronger faith? 
  • What are some unusual or difficult instructions God has given you in your lifetime? How did you handle these situations? How will this affect your reaction to the next instructions God gives you? 
Questions for Family Discussion: 
  • Describe a time when you were tired, but God helped you keep going. 
  • Why do you think God tells us to keep doing what He told us to do, even when things get hard? 
  • Rahab made a tough choice even when it was hard. How did God use her decision for good? 
  • What can we learn from Rahab’s choice to do the right thing? 

week two:

November 12-18  

Bible Reading: Matthew 14:22–33  

Questions to Ponder: 
  • If you were there in the boat, would you be more inclined to stay in the boat or step out onto the water? 
  • Why was Peter able to defy the laws of nature and walk on the water? 
  • What happened that caused Peter to begin sinking? 
  • What do you think Peter learned through this experience? 
  • What do you think the other disciples in the boat learned through this experience? 
  • In what areas of your life do you have difficulty trusting God? 
  • What do you think Jesus is saying to you about your faith in Him? 
  • What can you apply from this story in relation to God’s instructions about our finances? 
Questions for Family Discussion: 
  • What do you think it was like for Peter to walk on water? 
  • What made Peter get scared and take his eyes off Jesus? 
  • What are some sad or scary things in your life right now? 
  • How can you keep your eyes on Jesus, even though things look sad or scary?  

week three:
An Uncivilized Idea

November 19-25  

Bible Reading: Luke 5:17–26  

Questions to Ponder: 
  • Verses 17-26 tell the story of Jesus healing a paralyzed man.  
  • What specific thing caused Jesus to heal the man (verse 20)? 
  • How might your faith be something Jesus could use to heal or save others? 
  • There were 3 different groups of people there that day: The religious leaders, the friends who brought the paralyzed man, and the crowd in the house. What do you think each group specifically learned on that day. 
  • One of New Walk’s Code Blue statements says, “We are uncivilized in our approach.” In what ways have you seen our church act “uncivilized” in our passion for others to hear the Good News about Jesus? 
  • What is something “uncivilized” or out-of-the-norm that you can do to help others hear the Good News about Jesus? 
  • How might the financial instructions God gives us seem “uncivilized” to others? 
Questions for Family Discussion: 
  • Why do you think the 4 guys worked so hard to get their friend to Jesus?

  • Who is someone you know that needs to hear about Jesus? How can you help your friend hear about Him? 

week four:
Bigger than Ourselves

November 26-December 2  

Bible Reading: Luke 5:17–26  

Questions to Ponder: 
  • How did Mary demonstrate humble submission to Jesus? What does this tell us about her faith? 
  • It might have seemed surprising that Jesus would allow this expensive gesture to take place. What do you think He was demonstrating? 
  • Judas said one thing, but meant something entirely different. What was the truth behind his financial concerns? 
  • What specific things can you learn from Mary’s extravagant actions?  
  • How might this story relate to God’s instructions regarding our finances? 
  • One of New Walk’s Code Blue statements says, “We can’t outgive God.” In what ways have you seen this principle come true? In what ways might you be struggling with this statement? 
  • That Code Blue statement continues: “Extraordinary moves of God begin with ordinary acts of obedience. We will partner together through giving financially to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves. How does the financial obedience of each person at New Walk contribute to something greater? (Be specific.) 
  • How has God been specifically speaking to you in regard to your financial faith and obedience throughout this Ready for More series? 
Questions for Family Discussion: 
  • Wiping perfume on your hair and on someone’s feet might sound strange. Why do you think Mary did this for Jesus? (How did this show her love for Him?) 
  • Why do you think Mary gave up something important to her for Jesus? 
  • What do you think Jesus might be asking you to give up for Him? Why is that better than keeping more for yourself? 

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