It’s not a career. It’s a calling.

We believe in creating an atmosphere for those who want to combine their talents with their passion for growing the local church. This is a place where people work closely together to advance one common vision in uncommon ways.

Please Review Before Applying:

New Walk is a vibrant and fast-growing church, averaging over 2,500 people each week, located on the edge of Zephyrhills and Wesley Chapel, Florida. This area continues to experience significant new growth as homes are being developed by the thousands all throughout the surrounding area. Conveniently located less than one hour from the beautiful beaches of the Tampa Bay area and only a little over an hour to all the amenities of Orlando, we truly have the best of it all. As our community continues to rapidly grow, young families continue to flock to the region.

Through all that God is doing at New Walk Church we are poised to make a huge Kingdom impact as we unleash new purpose in every life through Jesus. With a unique set of values (we call them our Code Blue) guiding every decision we make as a ministry, we have become a church where anyone can connect, grow, and take their next steps with Jesus.

We set the bar high for our staff here at New Walk Church and that is done rather intentionally. You see, we lead the way. If we are not growing in our relationship with Jesus, how can we expect those we serve to grow closer to Jesus? If we are not giving of our resources, how can we lead the charge in the giving of resources for our church? If we are not leading with integrity in both our homes and at the church, how can we ever hope that those we lead are growing in integrity in their own lives? Joining our staff team does not mean that you are perfect though. None of us are. But we do our best to be moving forward, taking next steps in our own journeys with Christ week in and week out as we get to do the best work on the planet.

Some of the Extras:

Leadership Training: All staff at New Walk are invited to a weekly leadership training class to help them grow in their own development as a leader.

Robust Resources: We do all that we can to provide the tools necessary for you to be able to do the work that you are tasked with doing.

Camaraderie & Celebration: Our teams move mountains, and we recognize the collaboration and care that makes it possible. From team hangouts to special team only events we celebrate the unique culture and opportunity we have to work at New Walk.

403B Investments: Your future matters now. That’s why we’re proud to offer a competitive Investment Plan for eligible hires with no delay, no vesting, and up to 5% matching from NWC.

A Quick Disclaimer About Applying:

We know that many within our church community would love the opportunity to work at New Walk Church. When a unique role opens that may fit your experience or skillset, we would love for you to apply. However, due to the large number of applicants we simply cannot reach out to every single person. Once you have applied know that we will review your application and get back to you if we feel you might be a great fit for this position. If you do not hear from us we have determined that this role for you, at this time, is not the fit we are looking for.

We also want to state up front that it’s only natural that we get our hopes up when applying for any job. We think and dream about how great it would be to be on the team. But the reality is that there are always many applying for only one opening on the team. And we have the difficult task of trying to figure out the best fit for the position currently. Our encouragement to you is simply this. Trust God in this process because we sure are. Trust that if it is the right fit at the right time, he will open the opportunity to you. But if it isn’t the right fit for you or for us, that God is guiding that decision, and He will lead you forward. And don’t give up. I have a friend that applied for several different openings at his church simply because he loved the church and trusted that God would guide him to the right opportunity at the right time.

No matter what, we are so thankful if you do decide to apply for any position at New Walk. We absolutely love what God has blessed us with the ability to do. And we look forward to considering you to be a part of the staff team here at our church.

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Facilities Coordinator
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Worship Coordinator
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