Perfection is not the point. Progress is.

Welcome to your 4 Next Steps.

We know that you want to make changes in your life. The kind of changes that last and impacts the people around you. But knowing where to start can be a little difficult. We’ll make it simple with our 4 Next Steps. No matter what your step is, we’re here to walk with you…every step of the way.

4 Next Steps to Unleashing Purpose


The first step we want to see you make is turning to God and asking his son Jesus for forgiveness. This is the most important step you will ever take.


Jesus was baptized and we want to learn from and follow every step he took. Getting baptized is one way you can follow Jesus and around here, it’s a pretty big deal.


God wants to use the gifts he placed inside of you to build his kingdom through the local church. Taking the step to discover those gifts is something we want for you, not from you.


Living things grow. When you are alive and living in Christ, growth is an important goal and our New Steps class is set up to make that growth practical and purposeful.

Get ready for a New Walk

New Walk helps you make a lasting change in your life so you can live, love, and lead more like Jesus. We are in this together and we are so glad you are here.
Who Is Jesus?  Get Baptized

Let’s take the next step and walk together.