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Growing your faith at New Walk goes beyond your involvement on the weekends. Joining a Connection Group will surround you with the community you need to continue growing closer to God. We offer a new round of groups 4 times a year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. During each quarter, the groups meet throughout the week at various times for approximately 6-8 weeks. We have something for everyone.

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Lion Killers

Can I be honest in a Connection Group? Open about what I’m really dealing with? I really need a new circle of friends that can encourage my walk with God…but I’m just so scared about joining one.” If you are processing any of these thoughts, check out this video of how a group of ladies overcame some of their own fears and found more than what they were looking for! They discovered friendship, accountability, joy, and others who were willing to speak truth into their lives. Something we all need, but can easily miss out on if we’re not vulnerable enough to give Connection Groups a chance!


Missy and Cricket found themselves comfortable with slipping in and out of church each weekend. They felt like something was missing when it came to making connections with others, but stayed busy enough to ignore the desire for a long time. Finally, they both individually responded to the nudge to try out a Connection Group. Missy and Cricket both experienced more benefits then they were expecting. Church became a warm atmosphere. They felt noticed and valued more as others began recognizing them and reaching out to them as a result of their time spent together in their Connection Group. They now are doing life with friends who encourage their walk with Jesus! If you find yourself not fully experiencing the joys of doing life with others, watch this video, then consider joining a group as well!


The Denmarks were on the brink of divorce, even though they had been attending church together for months. They chose as a last resort to join a couples Connection Group. They now have peace in their home, where they once had turmoil. Their marriage is thriving and they are doing life with other couples who have fought to keep their family together as well. Their renewed love for each other and for Christ has put their home on solid grounds. And they attribute most of their rapid progress to their Connection Group experience. Watch and listen as they share their story. If you can relate, and are praying for something to give, consider making a couples’ Connection Group your very next step!

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Our new semester of connection groups is upon us! Check out the list of groups and get signed up. Click below to view them all and email in your registration request!

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